365 Days of Denim Project

Raw denim is a blank canvas. A clean slate. So we made 2018 is the year of our "365 Days of Denim" project. On January 1st, we start with a brand new pair of Tellason Elgin 14.5oz. selvedge denim jeans. Every single day, we put 'em on, photograph 'em, and post 'em on our Instagram @stockyardsupplyco. Our aim is to create a pictorial documentary in celebration of raw denim. With the passage of days, weeks, and months, high quality denim not only holds up to the rigors of an active life, but will continually increase in comfort and beauty, as well as in their value to the wearer, as each work week, bike ride, camping trip, and coffee spill is written into the warp and weft of the garment.

But true to form, we're not interested in celebrating a mere piece of cloth. In honoring the American institution that is blue jeans, we seek to highlight the deep and longstanding relationship between modern North American civilization and all those that came before it. The fact is, indigo dye and indigo workwear are deeply embedded traditions throughout the world, including France, India, Japan, Africa, and South America (the oldest indigo textile known to man being discovered in Peru, dating back 6,200 years, pictured below). Without the groundwork laid by these civilizations (the science of extraction, the art of dyeing), and without the possibility of a meaningful cultural exchange, Americans would never have created one of our most emblematic cultural symbols: the blue jean.

Our entire perspective is one of re-opening those doors of exchange and enrichment that have and should continue to shape the American aesthetic. In so doing, it is very much possible that we witness the creation of new and better forms of art that give more clear a voice to the American spirit. You're more than welcome to take the journey with us. Check our social media for daily updates. 

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